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Here I am writing a story about a tree limb falling on a house and guess what? It is my house! 

It was a couple of weeks a go on a Sunday night, I was folding clothes in my laundry room when all of a sudden a loud crash scared me to death. It shook the whole house. It had been raining, but not a really bad storm. I was shocked what I saw when I went outside to investigate. A limb had broke lose from a tree on the side of my house and had fallen across over half of the front of my house. The skylight in my bathroom was broken and there was substantial roof damage. I write about trees and dangerous trees all the time and never really gave it a thought that this could happen to me. I never really knew the inconvenience that people go through when this happens and this is not a real bad situation, like some people have to go through. At least I knew who to call. Who do you think? A-Doraville Tree Service, of course. As usual, they responded quickly and removed the tree and secured my home until the Insurance company could get out and access the damage. Within no time at all the tree was gone and my home was covered with a tarp and the catastrophe was over. Well almost, at least the worst of it was over.  I guess I never even thought that something like this would happen to me. With knowledgeable arborists and tree surgeons available at all times, I just thought it happened to other people. When your family owns a tree removal service and have provided tree services to all of the Atlanta area. You just think, it won’t happen to you. I guess it was what you might call a freak of nature, because it was a very healthy tree. It could have just been the weight of the limb, who knows. You never really can relate to someone who has had this happen to them until it actually happens to you.